Bloggers have integrity too, or, guiltless product recommendation

This is big. Forget sliced bread, Swyzzle is now offering a way for bloggers to recommend products without having to compromise any sort of journalistic integrity. In the newest version of the Swyzzle Editor, you will find a new menu from which you can search and add purchasable products directly to your Swyzzle show–so now your readers can find the products you use directly from your website without the use of a store on your page! Here’s the kicker (and we promise we won’t tell): you get money every time someone purchases a product from your show. Yep. No stores, no order forms, no UPS bills, nada–just profit for your site from the products in your Swyzzle show.

It was definitely our biggest Ah-HA moment to date (pause for sentimental sniffle).

There are currently two example shows posted on the main page–”A Morning with the Atlanta Cupcake Factory” and “Scrap Chic Workshop,” so if you’re curious go check them out (or better yet, create a new show yourself).

And cheers to a new way to Swyzzle the web!

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