B2B Lead Generation

We offer B2B lead generation services to help companies with marketing campaigns using Swyzzle shows (or, as we call them, multimedia marketing campaigns). The goal is to find prospects who are looking to buy your products – real, qualified leads that your sales team can pursue. These campaigns are especially effective if your company has a high involvement product or service – where the sale doesn’t normally happen without a demonstration or a problem-solving session.

At first you’re likely to need help to execute this sort of campaign. You already have many of the tools, like presentation materials, white papers, case studies and fact sheets. The challenge for most companies is to pull them together into a marketing campaign that prompts prospective customers to raise their hands and tell you they are looking for your product. The multimedia you create with Swyzzle can be as simple as you like. It can be a basic slide show made with pictures, you add audio (like a voice-over or music) tracks, or videos. You can use existing content your company produced for other reasons, like a webinar.

Here’s how a multimedia marketing campaign project like this works. There are three parts:

  • Discovery - To run a successful lead generation campaign, we first need to define  “success” . Are you trying to get new customers? Let your existing customers know about new products? We start by talking with you to understand the goals of the campaign, your company’s value proposition, and what materials you have that can be used. We’ll agree on the contact list for the campaign. It’s also important to understand the company’s personality – is your company serious or  funny? Stodgy or edgy? Having answers to these questions helps assure that your content is valuable to your audience and something your company will be proud to share.
  • Production - We have to produce a show, an email to send to your contacts, and a multimedia landing page with the show embedded on it – normally in that order. We start by developing a show concept that achieves the goals set down during discovery. We’ll plan it out by story-boarding the show, selecting documents and web pages viewers will open for more information. Then we’ll produce the show, getting approval along the way to ensure we end up with a great show. The look of the email and landing page will match the show, but we’ll make sure the message is enticing so people will want to watch it.
  • Execution - Now it’s time to distribute the email and track our results. The global analytics captured by the Swyzzle player let you know who opens the email, who goes to your landing page, how much they liked the show and what they cared about. This is how you know how successful your campaign is, and identify leads so you can follow up and make sales. Swyzzle reporting tells you which parts of the show your viewers are watching and if they followed through to get more information. You’ll know the parts of your show that were of highest interest and which documents they viewed.

Multimedia and video increase the rate of conversion of page visits to leads. It’s no longer necessary to avoid using them because it’s difficult. It’s easy. You can do it. And it will help you increase sales for your company.

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