Adding Video SEO (VSEO) to a Swyzzle show

Search Engine Optimization has been a hot topic for web site developers and marketers for several years. Anyone who is slightly savvy in the world wide web knows the basics:
Video SEO
1) Content is king
2) Back links are important
3) Create a sitemap and submit to Google
4) Create an RSS feed for your site

At Swyzzle, we have incorporated all these techniques into our site. In this blog, I’d like to emphasize techniques we use for our Video SEO. Here are some tips for those who want their Swyzzle shows to be found by Google, Bing, and the rest.

1) When you are logged in and editing a show, you can add your “Show Details”. This is where you can enter a show description, title and keywords. Make sure you describe your Swyzzle show. This is where content is king for video. You can even go so far as to transcribe the video. Leaving the Show Description empty is a big mistake and will cost you SEO visitors. This is very important!

2) Title your Swyzzle show intelligently with VSEO in mind. What does that mean? Well, the show title is serious business! This really isn’t the time to come up with cute phrases that don’t mean a thing until you’ve watched the show. If you really want your video to be found by YOUR audience, you might want to think about what they’d be searching for that would result in YOUR show. If you don’t want to think that hard, decide what keywords stand out to characterize the show’s content. If you watched your own show, what on-topic words are repeated throughout the show? Those would be your keywords. Once you have 3 or 4 keywords, a SEO friendly title is imminent!

3) I’ve mentioned, Show Title and Show Description, but you can also add more keywords. Swyzzle incorporates keywords you’ve entered (and some you haven’t) into the embed tag. There are two types of keywords: Show keywords and Content keywords. Maybe there are some words that didn’t make it into your description or title that should be included — you can add more keywords to apply to your show. But, you can go a step further and add them to your content. Every piece of content in your show has it’s own keywords field. Every little bit helps, it’s up to you to exploit Swyzzle’s SEO tools to your advantage. You want your show to be found, right?

4) Embed your Swyzzle show in as many blogs and websites as are relevant to your topic. Be a guest blogger and embed your Swyzzle show on related sites. When you embed a Swyzzle show, the show title and keywords are pasted into the video embed object. So once you update the Show Details (title, keywords), it is automatically included in that web page.

We’ve given you some important tips on how to make your Swyzzle show SEO-friendly. Try incorporating them and see what it will do for you!

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