Swyzzle is a platform that lets marketing executives leverage video and multimedia to improve online marketing campaigns using webinars, corporate promotional videos, product demonstrations and viral videos. In scientific A/B testing, customers increased the number of leads by 6.6X compared to traditional methods. Lead generation campaigns using our approach have led to specific requests for quote or proposal and subsequent product sales.

The primary obstacle to marketing with video has been campaign delays due to difficulty in producing, managing and deploying video for marketing. Swyzzle lets marketing organizations run campaigns more frequently by providing authoring and self-provisioning tools that shorten preparation by providing unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use.
The platform also supplies industry-leading analytics that provide marketers with the data intelligence needed to continually measure and improve the marketing results that justify the investment.

Swyzzle is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Leader in Online Marketing and Lead Generation

Swyzzle is committed to maximizing return on investment in marketing and lead generation campaigns by using the most effective strategies available. Our focus is on increasing marketing ROI through a full suite of products that improve the qualification of leads, increase the likelihood of conversion of leads to revenue, and track leads through the lead generation funnel.

  • Multimedia Landing Pages – Video and Multimedia provide more effective landing pages than static html. Analytics indicate the success of the content and opportunities to improve, and identify highly qualified leads.
  • Associated Content – Add links to documents, web pages and other multimedia landing pages to further qualify leads. Track which associated content appeals most to viewers.
  • Lead Tracking and Reporting – Identify qualified sales leads who are ready for contact from a sales consultant without requiring a form submission.
  • eCommerce Connectors – Offer products for sale within the multimedia, effectively creating a multimedia advertisement with a “click-to-buy” button.

Complete Solution

Swyzzle provides complete set of tools, all accessible from a web browser, for online lead generation, which includes multimedia authoring system, campaign configuration, global analytics and reporting, and streaming media communications. Enterprises of all types and sizes use the Swyzzle platform for:

  • Online lead generation campaigns
  • Multimedia marketing campaigns
  • Corporate communications
  • Education
  • Investor communications
  • Training
  • Entertainment