About Swyzzle

We started Swyzzle because, until now, creating multimedia has been limited to graphic artists and web developers, and we want to provide an easy way for anyone to create and post multimedia on the web. Our mantra has been “it should be easy”. Perhaps you want to tell a story about your travels to the Canary Islands or teach people how to build a bird house. Maybe you want to market your own products or services. It should be easy.

So we created an easy to use editing tool that works like PowerPoint where you can upload files and create multimedia shows. Not just video. Not just pictures. Video, pictures, music, voiceover, text and more – all together in a multimedia show that doesn’t take a two week training class to learn to produce.

Along the way, we realized that we could give creators a way to monetize that media by turning it into a “virtual kiosk” where viewers can instantly purchase eCommerce products. While in the editor, you can search Amazon.com (and soon, other online retailers) for products to promote along with the multimedia. You’re the one creating the multimedia – you get to pick the products that you like that your audience cares about. It’s more of a recommendation than an advertisement.

When all is said and done, you’ll want to know what your audience thinks of your stories and information. With detailed tracking and reporting, you’ll know if your message is getting across. Swyzzle tracks the second-by-second behavior of viewers as they watch the show, and provides reports on the show segments that get the most attention and those that do not. You can use the information to improve your shows.

That’s what we’re all about at Swyzzle.

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