A Note on Music

With all the talk of RIAA lawsuits, DRM (digital rights management), and illegal downloading, we often forget that there are still a handful of legal, legitimate ways to find free music online for Swyzzle shows. Music blogs are by far the best free and legal way to find a few promotionally distributed mp3s by virtually any artist you can think of. Sites like The Hype Machine and Elbo.ws help you search through the hundreds of thousands of music blogs with a simple search for the song you’re looking for. Dean Martin? No problem. Arias from Bizet’s Carmen? Oui, certainement.

The Hype MachineSearch results from these websites will let you sample the track right from the main page, or give you a link to the music blog post that features a downloadable copy of the song you requested. Once you’ve found the track on the music blog, right click and select “save file as” to save it to your hard drive.

Sites like this are legal because the music elbo.wsis being distributed for promotional purposes–and every well-meaning music blog will prominently feature a notice stating that musicians only need to ask to have their tracks removed from the site. Most music artists, however, have seen the benefit of free publicity and don’t seem to have an issue. They want you to download and listen to a few selections from their albums in hopes that you’ll like what you hear and buy the whole thing–which isn’t a bad idea for the holidays, actually. Perhaps while downloading songs for your Swyzzle shows you find albums that are perfect for someone on your list. Luckily, you can search Amazon and purchase those albums right from the Swyzzle site!

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