A Day at Future Media Fest 2010

Future Media Fest 2010 LogoWe were invited to demo Swyzzle at the Future Media Fest’s showcase event on Monday night. Normally, we are holed up in our “garage” coding our little hearts out, so getting out with the digital community is a real anomaly. To hear that they like the Swyzzle product (and otherwise “Get it” ) is the icing on the cake. Aside from the showcase, we were able to take some time to meet industry experts that could shed further light on where a multimedia platform serving up many different types of content in one bundled show (as Swyzzle’s player does), could be best applied.  They understood the high value of the detailed analytics Swyzzle provides for lead generation campaigns. Even more surprising was a growing discussion of how Swyzzle could be used in broadcast arena. We truly appreciated the enthusiasm and feedback from those who are pushing the limits of technology to take it to the next level.

Prior to the showcase we hung out to listen to some of the speakers. There were some interesting comments, I thought were worth tweeting about.

Here are just a couple of my tweets:

Millenials are more open to advertising. Excellent for marketing and advertising industry!

I thought this was interesting because I am not a “millenial”, let’s just leave what I am out of it. But the speaker was right in that I don’t appreciate the barrage of advertising I’m subjected to every day. However, knowing that millenials don’t mind it, makes it easier to market to the millenial. They have come to expect it, if they want something for free. This includes those terrible Tee-shirts that they shoot  into the stands during pro-ball games, that most of us would NEVER wear. It just doesn’t matter to them, it’s a free addition to their ever-expanding Tee-shirt and jeans wardrobe. So, if you want to know where your marketing campaign is always accepted, check out your millenial email list.

Hyper Relevance vs. Personalization

This topic was brought up during one of the panels. I understand what personalization is however, hyper relevance kind of got my curiosity. Hyper relevance is most easily described with an example, Google Instant. Google Instant tries to figure out what you are looking for before you even know yourself. This concept has been around for a while, but Google Instant has brought it to the forefront in recent months. So, then, the word CREEPY was thrown around by the panelists, regarding both these concepts. I personally don’t feel like it’s a bad thing that my behaviors and interests are known to others. I like receiving the right information at the right time, so that I can be presented with relevant articles and products when I need them. Maybe too much was made of it. I think a lot of people are intrigued and fascinated with ‘creepy’, for example, what’s up with the huge success of vampire-themed movies?

This year’s Future Media Fest in Atlanta was a great success. I’m looking forward to  Future Media 2011, this one was awesome and I commend the organizers and sponsors for their efforts.

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