12/08/2009 Press Release

Swyzzle Nominated for OnMedia’s Top 100 Technology Innovator Award

Award honors game-changing technologies creating new business opportunities in the digital world; 2010 winners to be honored at OnMedia NYC Conference February 1-3

Atlanta start-up Swyzzle (www.swyzzle.com) has been selected as a nominee for the 2010 OnMedia Top 100 award, a power list of emerging companies with disruptive technologies creating new business opportunities in media, advertising, marketing, branding and public relations.

Swyzzle’s multimedia technology platform and its flagship product, the Multimedia Storefront, were nominated in the category of Technology Enabler based upon five primary criteria: innovation, market potential, customer adoption, investor value creation and media buzz. Nominees were selected by the editorial team of AlwaysOn, the Silicon Valley media company that profiles emerging companies in the traditional IT, CleanTech, and digital media industries.

“This nomination represents the first national recognition of Swyzzle’s unique multimedia technology platform and its broad applications for digital marketing,” said Mark Krikorian, founder and CEO of Swyzzle. “Swyzzle’s Multimedia Storefronts can be used by media content owners to monetize their media libraries, by ecommerce platform owners to strengthen their feature set, and by large and small enterprises looking for a new way to drive online sales.”

Other companies are nominated for the OnMedia Top 100 award in the categories of Advertising Service Providers, Community Platforms, Digital Publishers, Mobile Marketing and Advertising, Next Generation Search, Online Advertising Networks, and Web and Media Analytics.

Swyzzle’s flagship, the Multimedia Storefront, integrates multimedia advertising with web storefronts into a single marketing platform. Swyzzle users drag-and-drop their own multimedia files – text, video, audio, music, graphics and photos – into “scenes” of a show promoting their products. A Swyzzle show aims to minimize “exit points” where customers abandon the online shopping experience. Ultimately, the Multimedia Storefront enables companies to drive sales by propelling more customers faster from a web advertisement to the shopping cart.

The Swyzzle player comes equipped with next-generation web analytics system with unsurpassed tracking of second-by-second viewing behaviors and other emetrics. It also has a Universal E-Commerce Adapter any company can use that enables customers to click directly and in real time from any product they are viewing in the multimedia show to the company’s storefront. To view a demo that explains how Swyzzle works, visit the home page at http://www.swyzzle.com. To see other examples of Swyzzle shows, visit http://www.swyzzle.com.

About Swyzzle

More than simply video, Swyzzle enables companies to create MultiMedia Storefronts that integrate multimedia advertising with web storefronts, collapsing the marketing tools of multimedia, storefronts, shopping carts and a reporting system into a single platform. For individuals, Swyzzle enables users to easily create their own multimedia shows to post to the web. Swyzzle also allows individuals to earn residual income by promoting Amazon.com products to their web communities. Swyzzle is dedicated to the idea of enabling anyone to better broadcast their businesses and their lives to the Web 2.0 world. http://www.swyzzle.com.

Swyzzle Media Contact: Darrek Porter, 404-394-1347 Darrek@swyzzle.com.

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