11/09/2009 Press Release

Swyzzle Stirs the e-Marketing Mix with a New Technology: Multimedia Storefronts

Technology Narrows the Gap Customers Travel from Advertisement to Shopping Cart
Swyzzle Collapses Multimedia, Storefronts, Shopping Carts and Reporting Tools into a Single Platform

Atlanta start-up Swyzzle (www.swyzzle.com) today announced a new web marketing platform, “Multimedia Storefronts”, to enable companies to drive online sales by propelling more customers faster from a web advertisement to the shopping cart. The platform also enables individuals to earn money promoting Amazon.com products to their web communities, or to simply create their own multimedia entertainment shows to post to the web.

Swyzzle integrates multimedia advertising with web storefronts into a single marketing platform. The platform aims first to engage more customers using the power of multimedia. Swyzzle users drag-and-drop their own multimedia files – text, video, audio, music, graphics and photos – into “scenes” of a show promoting their products. After engaging the customer, a Swyzzle show aims to minimize “exit points” where customers may get distracted and abandon the online shopping experience before making a purchase.

“Our new e-marketing platform seeks to enable e-marketers to increase online customer conversion rates by better leveraging the power of multimedia,” said Mark Krikorian, CEO of Swyzzle. “By collapsing these key e-marketing tools – multimedia, storefronts, shopping carts and a reporting system – into a single medium, the multimedia advertisement is the storefront, providing a more focused and direct path to purchase. An added benefit is that anyone can use Swyzzle to sell Amazon products with our embedded Amazon interface, or to create multimedia shows instead of simple video for social networking on the web.”

The Swyzzle player enables companies to embed unlimited products into their multimedia web ad. The player comes equipped with a Universal E-Commerce Adapter that enables customers to click directly and in real time from any product they are viewing in the multimedia show to the storefront for that product. The platform also has an embedded reporting system that provides precision metrics of each customer’s viewing behaviors to guide future e-marketing strategies.

“The world of e-marketing needs a more effective platform to pull online shoppers from a web ad to the shopping cart,” said John Minahan, owner and CFO of Working Media Group, named recently by Inc. Magazine as the 4th fastest growing private media company in the U.S. “Swyzzle’s Multimedia Storefront represents a conceptual e-marketing breakthrough that holds great potential for e-commerce.”

Swyzzle will begin actively marketing the Swyzzle solution to customers in the near future. To view a demo that explains how Swyzzle works, visit the home page at www.swyzzle.com. To see other examples of Swyzzle shows, visit http://www.swyzzleshows.com.Icon_pdf      

About Swyzzle

More than simply video, Swyzzle is a multimedia e-marketing platform designed to increase the speed and likelihood that online customers respond to your e-marketing campaigns and move to your shopping cart. Swyzzle enables companies to create MultiMedia Storefronts that integrate multimedia advertising with web storefronts, collapsing the marketing tools of multimedia, storefronts, shopping carts and a reporting system into a single platform. For individuals, Swyzzle enables users to easily create their own multimedia shows to post to the web, bringing multimedia production to the fingertips of virtually anyone. Swyzzle also allows individuals to earn residual income by promoting Amazom.com products to their web communities using Swyzzle’s built-in interface with Amazon. Swyzzle is dedicated to the idea of enabling anyone – from technology novices to technology experts – to better broadcast their businesses and their lives to the Web 2.0 world. Swyzzle is a privately-held company headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. For more information visit www.swyzzle.com.

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